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Created to ‘fill the gaps’, STEPS Charity raises funds for projects with no available government funding that provide vital support for people who have been left to fall between the gaps of various government support programs.

Driven by the support of a caring and engaged community, STEPS Charity’s work is 100% funded by the generosity of those who share our vision of creating brighter futures for people with a disability.

We do this through STEPS Pathways College, a life-changing program providing a pathway to independence for young people with a disability. Students learn real life skills through flexible learning options in a safe and supported environment.

Students attend the Caloundra based College in either the day program or as boarding students residing in Murphy House. The end goal is for them to have the capability to live and work independently, becoming genuine contributors in their communities.

This program is an Australian first. The link which exists between education and social equality has been a missing link for many people with a disability. Although many have the capacity to learn skills that will empower them to live independently, there have been no educational programs available to teach these life skills. Until now.

STEPS Charity is the fundraising arm for STEPS Pathways College. Through quality fundraising events, corporate and community partnerships and workplace giving programs, STEPS Charity rallies like-minded individuals who believe that opportunities should be available to young people with a disability, and that together we have the power to create these opportunities.

While many of us take independence for granted, people with a disability often face significant challenges which can make their pathway to independence seem impossible. This is where STEPS Pathways College offers a unique advantage; the opportunity to discover a world where abilities are not inhibited by disability.

Help us create brighter futures for young people with a disability

“Whether it’s disability, injury or illness, there’s not one person who hasn’t been affected by it. What you and I can do and what people with disabilities can do are at times worlds apart, so we say make a difference when you can – your life’s not that bad,” Ben Murphy, General Manager Murphy Homes.

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