Shining a light on our superstar volunteers

Volunteers are truly the superstars of our organisation. Our STEPS Charity team could not achieve everything we do without our volunteers’ invaluable gift of time, skills and experience.

This month, we shine a light on superstar Paula Colborne who began volunteering with STEPS Charity three and a half years ago and is now STEPS Charity’s longest serving administration volunteer. Paula tells us why in her own words:

“I started volunteering with STEPS Charity before the Murphy House units were built, and I am so proud of what STEPS has achieved and the dedication of the staff and trainers who teach the students.  To see the students grow, have the opportunity to become independent, move into independent living and even get jobs is amazing.  I feel I have done my bit to help this happen.

As volunteers we are helping others even when we don’t have to. I do it because I feel it is important to help a cause, lend a helping hand and support STEPS Charity, which evokes this feeling of wellbeing and satisfaction. It helps me forget about my own troubles for a while because I have to concentrate on someone else. It is very refreshing.

Volunteering encourages socialising, networking and making friends. As volunteers, we meet many different people we may not otherwise have met. Volunteering brings all types of people together and I have made some very good friends through volunteering with STEPS.  We have a lot of laughs and share jokes as well as stories about family, our troubles and our lives.  We even meet up for coffee mornings and it gives us a feeling of doing good and being supportive of each other, which is mutually beneficial to everyone.

I have enjoyed volunteering for STEPS Charity. I get to share my knowledge, keep my brain active and work together in some way.  I have found the STEPS staff to be very friendly and helpful and considerate of our needs.  I have always felt included and an important part of the organisation.  When we come together for a common goal, it feels like we are part of a team.”

Want to volunteer? Call us today on 07 5458 3000 or email to find out how you can help make brighter futures for young people with a disability.

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