Workshop with Tony Attwood set to offer insight into Autism Spectrum Disorder

Prominent clinical psychologist Professor Tony Attwood will visit the Sunshine Coast in a one-day event that aims to deepen our understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder and offer practical approaches to managing behaviours.

A leading expert in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Professor Attwood will be presenting the latest information for people living with and caring for children with Autism at Caloundra RSL on Friday 20th April 2018.

With more than 240 attendees expected, STEPS Autism Treehouse has organised the workshop for families, carers, and educators of children with Autism.

Professor Attwood will deliver strategies designed to improve social understanding and build friendship skills among children, explore adolescent issues among teenagers with level 1 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and outline helpful strategies for managing difficult behaviour in children with ASD.

STEPS Autism Treehouse Coordinator Claire Gilmour said she was thrilled to be hosting Professor Attwood and have the opportunity to access his wealth of knowledge and expertise.

“This workshop has been a much anticipated event for our families who are a part of STEPS Autism Treehouse.

“Having expert information and a chance to come together to add to our knowledge base is so important, not only for families who have a loved one with Autism, but also for the wider community,” she said.

STEPS Autism Treehouse builds community and connects Sunshine Coast families, children and young people living with Autism.

We provide support to our community with access to resources, life skills programs, education and social events. For more information visit

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