Workplace Giving

For just one dollar a week you can make a difference to a young person with a disability.

It might not seem like much, a dollar a week, but when your dollar is combined with the dollars from others at your workplace and those at other workplaces it ends up being part of a considerable sum which will support students with a disability through our STEPS Pathways College.

Why Give?

Giving makes you feel good! It has been proven that we are happier when we can help others. Workplace giving is an easy and effective way for you to make a real difference in the lives of people who face big challenges in life. By committing to small, regular, tax deductible payments you can help students at STEPS Pathways College achieve a lifetime of independence.

Workplace giving:

  • Is easy to set up
  • Reduces your taxable income
  • Makes a real difference
  • Good for Business

Research shows that people like working for companies that care, and customers will choose you for the good you do in your community (Harvard Business Review). Workplace giving is a simple way to show you care and practice good corporate social responsibility.

Sign Up

Thank you for choosing STEPS Charity as your charity of choice in workplace giving.

To get your business started with our Workplace Giving Program, contact us on or 07 5458 3000.

If your workplace is already set up with our Workplace Giving Program, speak with your payroll team to give to STEPS Charity and make a real difference in our community.

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To get your business started with our Workplace Giving Program, contact us by emailing or calling 07 5458 3000.

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